Tenorio Volcano national park has a major attraction which is The Celeste River that runs through the center of the park, the river is named for its cerulean hue created as copper sulfate and colloidal silica react with sulfur in the merging rivers. The Celeste River’s waterfall makes for breathtaking scenery, there is an incredible blue lagoon; the origins of the Celeste River is where two streams merge and their clear waters turn blue. From the park entrance the path begins at 2,300 feet above sea level, from where it is a mere hour and a half journey to get to one of the park's most marvelous water-filled basins.

Along the way, visitors will enjoy scenic views, stunning volcanic formations, and the incredible Celeste River. Baird’s tapirs an endangered relatives of the rhinoceros, are known to gather around Tapir Lake at twilight for an evening sip of water. A tapir encounter is especially rewarding, as these rare creatures spend most of their lives hiding from predators and in areas like this feeding of an endemic tree to Park. Tenorio offers an incredibly rich habitat for flora and fauna. Spider monkeys, pumas, tapirs, howler monkeys and white-faced monkeys, collared peccaries, toucans, aracaris, sloths, blue jean dart frog, hawks, turkey vultures as well as the occasional ocelot and king vulture are one of the frequently spotted species through the park. Hike will be conditional to the client’s physical condition.


Includes: Water, sodas & beers and lunch

Pick up time: 6:30 AM

Returns: around 5:00 pm

Tenorio Volcano National Park 

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Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth, Panama