Iglesia Vieja
Arbol de Guanacaste
Iglesia Santa Cruz

Cultural Tour

Nicoya is considered by many not only the oldest city in Costa Rica but the original soul of the Nation. Known for its architectural historic San Blas Catholic Church which was built in the 1800 ́s, as several commercial sites, the local market a perfect place to buy local food and drinks. Nice way to understand how Costa Rica structure was born. Santa Cruz is the heart of the bajura Guanacasteca where it prides itself as the National Folckoric City due to the interest to maintain the old traditions of typical rodeo festivals, typical dances, musical instruments, typical foods and drinks. Monuments of these are shared at the central park of Santa Cruz where tradition is kept by people by famous dances and cowboys. Filadelfia is the famously know Arqueological City of Costa Rica, where the Chorotega Indians left not only a tradition but a way of art to express ourselves. Mainly composed by locals, has antiquated structures and bahareque homes where old structures still stand in symbiosis with the great fauna ́s diversity.


Includes: Water, sodas & beers

Pick up Time: 7:00 AM

Returns: Around 2:30 PM